20 August 2011

Around Our House

Our washer is outside in a little building next to our house, so as I was making my hourly trek from upstairs to outside with the laundry I just threw Jack in with the clothes. Saved a little bit of time and kept poor Baby Jack from having to cry when he couldn't see me.

Jack can't quite crawl yet, but he tries. He can occasionally get up on his knees and he was getting pretty good at grabbing the top of the crib and trying to pull himself up. That made me nervous, so Roger had to move the crib down to the lowest level. This was one of Jack's last times to sleep in the crib when it was still up high.

Jack has huge eyes. On Friday I was helping a friend run errands and we had to stop by a local church. One of the church staff came out to say hi and see Jack. The first thing she said: his eyes are too big and pretty for a boy, he should be a girl. Thanks.

August 12 was Mother's Day in Thailand. Asher's school had a program and he was supposed to wear handsome clothes. We actually had him in the right outfit on the right day. He willingly wore a button down, jeans, socks and shoes. This is the child that normally refuses anything besides shorts, t-shirt and sandals.

Asher and Jack post-Mother's Day program. Asher loves his little brother and Jack thinks Asher is the funniest person on earth.

Jack loves his walker. He spends a lot of time following us around, trying to get in the trash can and looking out the front door.

Asher has a great smile. And he has pointy canine teeth. Often Thai people will see him smile and say "wampie." Eventually we figured out this meant "vampire."

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Mark and Beth said...

too funny! love all the pics. jake's canines are pretty pointy, too. A little girl at the pool yesterday actually said his teeth looked like a vampire! hopefully their adult teeth won't be so dramatic:)