26 August 2011

Sunday Morning

Now that we have a car (an Own Car* in AsherSpeak) our Sunday mornings are a bit more leisurely. Instead of rushing out the door to jump on a motorcycle or a taxi or the train we just jump in the Own Car and drive to church.

Last week found us with matching clothes and some time to kill before we left for church.

Asher in his Car Bear* shirt.

Asher even took a picture with me because on this day taking pictures be so much fun*.

Asher Boy* and Baby Gack* both wore Car Bear shirts.

Daddy tickled Baby Gack and got a big smile.

All of the boys wore matching shirts. I don't think any of The Friends* at church even noticed.


Own Car: a vehicle for personal use, originally referring to Mimi having her own car, most importantly this means a car that is not a taxi.

Car Bear: the Brennan Bear from Baby Gap that Granny bought for Asher before he was born, currently the bear rides in the back of the Own Car with Asher and is used to distract him while we sit in Bangkok's notorious traffic.

Be so much fun: Basically how Asher describes anything that he likes, very popular with our summer volunteers who often describe things on facebook by saying, "it be so much fun."

Asher Boy: how Asher refers to himself due to the fact that he does not yet understand pronouns, also to make sure we know that Asher is a boy and not a baby like Jack.

Baby Gack: how Asher refers to Jack.

The Friends: anybody that Asher knows, we have The Friends at school, The Friends at church and The Friends that come from America to visit us, most commonly this refers to our summer volunteers.


Anthony & Sharon said...

Too cute! I need to do some Isaac-isms before he learns to speak better!!

jk photography said...

if you made an "asher boy" dictionary, i would totally purchase it. i happen to know at least 11 other people who would even pre-order it along with me.

and i was thinking... maybe asher could share with some little boys and girls in america how picture taking "be so much fun" - cause it would sure make my job easier at times.

love you guys! squeeze jack for me, and just smile at asher - cause i know a hug from me w/o some warm-up time might not go over well. :)