10 December 2011

Back to School

Asher's back in school after a long break. We were a little nervous to send him back after having him at home with us for 10 weeks.

Tuesday morning he walked right back into school and took off running when he saw his teacher. He did give a little whimper when Roger started to leave, but actually ended up leaving Roger once he saw his friends were already on the playground.

Here's our little Thai school boy on his first day back.

Just so you know last May when he started school those shorts were well below his knees and during the past month he has grown out of his school shoes. Turns out it is really difficult to find school shoes unless it is the beginning of the school year. Jack and I finally hunted down a pair at a Big C five train stations away from our house.

The week went well. The main problem we faced was convincing Asher to come home from school each day. If it were up to him he would stay there all night to play on the playground with his friends and sing songs with his teacher.

Of course, Asher's favorite day of the week continues to be Jesus Shirt Day (also known as Thursday).

He found some red sunglasses in the toy box to really complete the ensemble.

The older Asher gets the more we learn about his school. He will know give us somewhat of a report at the end of the day. For example, we learned that he ate noodles for lunch everyday except Thursday, on Thursday he ate rice. Also, one of his friends threw up during nap time on Friday. At first Asher told us that he tried to throw up in his bed, after a few minutes of questioning we got to the real story. We additionally learned while singing Jingle Bells that he may have a friend named Bell because every time we sing that song he starts jabbering about, "that my friends name."

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