19 December 2011

The Last Time

We started moving last Wednesday morning about 5:45 am. Why so early? Well, to beat the morning traffic that starts around 6:30 am and lasts until about 10 pm.

The first day Roger and a friend took two cargo van loads to the new house. We really don't have too much, so this got all of our furniture and most of our stuff. Since then we have been bringing a few things over at a time and buying everything we need to furnish this house.

Today we brought the final big load over, the boy's beds and our clothes. Yesterday the fridge was delivered, an AC was installed, the hot water heater was hooked up and the internet guy finally showed (two days late). Tonight we will spend our first night in our new home.

Last night the boys took their last baths at the old house.

First little brother.

Then big brother.

This morning Jack woke up early to go with me and drop Asher off at school. Jack's last time to sleep in his first home.

I guess with the job we have and the life we live we will continue to move often, but I think the hardest moves for me are when we leave a house that we brought a new baby home to. This makes home number 5 for Roger and I (Louisville, Surabaya, Vancouver, 1st Bangkok House, 2nd Bangkok House) and home number 4 for Asher.

So far we are loving the new house. Extra space, good Thai food near by, a little less traffic and there are kids everywhere! Pictures and more to come once the dust (literally) clears and we get our stuff unpacked.