07 December 2011

Sneak Peek

Here's a sneak peek into our new house.

The house actually flooded a few weeks ago during the Great Bangkok Flood and we are waiting for the owner to get it cleaned up and do a few repairs. We are hoping to be moved in by the end of the year.

This is the main downstairs area. I guess the front part will be living room and the back part dining room. The house we live in now has lots of windows and not a lot of empty walls for hanging pictures. This house has lots of space for pictures and I am really excited about getting to display some of our new family photos.

Off the back of the main room is the kitchen. Lots of space for cooking, but it needs cabinets, a fridge, an oven and some counter space. That very back room you can see is the maid's room. We will probably just use it for storage. Our washing machine will also need go somewhere near here.

This is the downstairs bathroom. In a house full of boys we couldn't ask for anything better than a urinal in the bathroom. Nice touch.

This will be our office/guest room. I'm really excited about having a place for Roger to work and for people to stay. If you have visited us lately you know that our current guest room is our living room couch and our office is the kitchen table. With Roger starting to teach a lot more this will be a nice place for him to keep his materials and prepare for class.

Now on to the upstairs. This is the top of the stairs and the spot that is going to make me finally have to buy a baby gate. We've made it this far without having to ever buy all that baby-proofing stuff, but I'm pretty sure somebody will fall down these steps if we don't do something.

This is our bedroom. That little space in the back of the room will probably be our closet. We are soooo excited that Bangkok finally got an IKEA, it is going to make this move much more affordable. We are thinking we can buy some shelves and stuff to turn that little nook into a nice closet.

The other side of our bedroom and the bathroom. I really have this dream of one day living somewhere with bathroom cabinets, but I will settle for this nice set-up. If I turn the AC on in our bedroom I will be able to get out of the shower and not sweat! I am really very excited about this.

This is Jack's room. The perfect size for his crib and changing table.

Asher's room is pretty big and I am thinking it will look pretty empty with just his little toddler bed in it. If we still live here in a few years there will be plenty of room for the boys to have bunk beds and share this room.

As you can see it's completely empty and there's a lot we could do with it. Unfortunately we have no idea if we will be in this house for more than a year, so we are really in a weird spot as far as deciding how much work to do. We really would like to paint, but are going to hold off on putting in a bathtub or getting bathroom cabinets.

We will keep you updated as we move and get settled into our new home!


HannahRose said...

You're using my bedroom as storage space? But where will my bed go?!?? I do not understand....

Anthony & Sharon said...

Yay! It looks great! I loooove potential!
And a word about baby gates and stairs... we took a different kind of preventative approach and just made sure to teach our boys how to get up and down stairs. We've yet to buy a baby gate and this is our 3rd house with stairs. Going down on their tummies is the best! Also then you dont' have to carry them up and down everytime too! Though if you get a baby gate I promise when we come to visit you and stay in your house for free I won't utter a single complaint or think you're a bad parent. Cross my heart. :D
And yay for BKK getting on the IKEA train!!

roger and courtney said...

Hannah - you can sleep under the stairs or we can make you a cozy little space in between two suitcases.

Sharon - I do hate to get a baby gate and as awful as we are at getting things gone I would say there is a good chance that it won't happen. The good thing is we have a handy man around here that can build anything. He made this super cute little gate thing for our friends to put at the top of their stairs.