12 May 2012

Project 365: 127-133

Day 127

Asher's car seat was inside for some reason and sweet little Jack toddled over to it and climbed right in. He was so content to just sit there and watch some early morning Baby Einstein.

Day 128

I met a friend for our normal Monday night dinner and while I was downtown decided to pop into the spa and get a massage. Cheese may be expensive here, but massages are not. I love Bangkok.

Day 129

I'll just go ahead and say it: this is not a flattering picture of Jack. It's actually sort of weird and scary and wow, that boy has a lot of teeth now.

Day 130

We went swimming with some friends today and Asher was all decked out. Of course, my boys did not disappoint: we spent 30 minutes getting changed, putting on sunscreen, blowing up floats, borrowing goggles only to have Jack refuse to get in the pool at all and Asher to spend about 10 minutes standing in the middle of the pool before announcing he was ready to go upstairs and play cars. If nothing else, they are predictable.

 Day 131

We took a trip out of the city to visit a farm and see some horses. It was so nice to see some green, open spaces and finally be out of the city. Asher got to ride a horse and wear some cool cowboy boots.

Day 132

Well, I'm finally at the point where I don't know what else to take pictures of. Here's our laundry hanging up to dry. This house really doesn't have a good place for a long clothesline, so we just hang clothes up in the rafters. At first I was worried about what the neighbors would think, but then I realized that they just wheel their laundry racks out into the middle of the road to get them dry. Also, Bangkok now has Google Street View and if you go by our house you can see some of our laundry hanging up.

Day 133

Jack was cuddling with me and Asher suddenly decided he needed a snack. I asked Asher to hold Jack while I went to cut up apples and I came back in to find this. Moments like this give me a glimmer of hope for the future that I will not always spend all day long pulling them apart and telling them to just leave each other alone.


Anthony & Sharon said...

You need to "capture" that image of Google Street view and your laundry!!!

Ana Gaby said...

Hi! I miss you guys! And I miss cheap thai massages! =P I can't wait for Evan and Josh to interact a bit more, even if they end up fighting like Asher and Jack!