08 May 2012

Project 365: 120-126

Day 120

Asher requested Sloppy Joes for dinner and I thought it would be nice to just eat outside for a change. It was a big hit.

Day 121

We went to meet this sweet baby girl today. She's the youngest of five and just snoozed away while all of the older kids ran around screaming. By the end of our visit 5 of the 7 kids in the room were screaming, I think it was almost nap time.

Day 122

Even though it was 100 degrees outside, Asher just couldn't stop running. He runs back and forth, back and forth, all day long. He likes for Roger or I to run with him while carrying a basketball and he is relentless. There's no stopping for water or to catch your breath. Coach Asher is quite demanding and expects you to leave it all out on the concrete.

Day 123

Post-nap play time has been taking place in Jack's bed. I don't think Jack really enjoys having Asher in his space while he's trying to wake up, but I do like having them both contained in one small space.

Day 124

Asher asks almost everyday if he can ride the airport train and Roger finally said yes. They rode the train out to the airport, ate a doughnut while watching airplanes and then rode the train back home. Asher has been carrying his ticket around all week and can't stop talking about his big trip.

Day 125

I hate ironing, yet, in this dryer free house, it must be done. Constantly.

Day 126

On the evening of my birthday we took an impromptu trip to the beach with some friends. They wanted seafood and I guess there is no better place to get that than the seashore. We did briefly glimpse the ocean, but mostly we walked around enjoying the much cooler temperatures because on my birthday I believe we welcomed in rainy season. What a great birthday present!

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