29 June 2012

Project 365: 148 - 154

Day 148

My handsome Asher boy.  He loves to run and scream and play outside.  There was a butterfly in our yard and he watched it fly around for awhile before starting to chase it and then crying when it flew away from him.

Day 149

Asher now has homework to do every afternoon. It's a great way for us to see what he learned at school that day. We help him color a small picture, trace some letters and match different things. 

Day 150

We broke out the Play-Doh to pass the time this rainy afternoon. Asher's favorite game was to make letters and spell his name. Jack's favorite game was to put small pieces of Play-Doh into containers.

Day 151

Asher wanted to have a picnic and since it was raining we decided to have our picnic indoors. Jack likes to pretend he's a big kid and do whatever Asher does, so he had to sit right next to him and have a matching plate.

Day 152

Mimi and Uncle Mel finally made it to town and for their first meal they wanted Japanese food. I'm still confused as to whether they thought Chicken Teriyaki was Thai or if they just thought it looked good. Either way, Jack thinks everything tastes better when he gets to eat it from chopsticks.

Day 153

Asher built this tower all by himself. He's usually not too much into making things, he gets frustrated as soon as it's not perfect and tends to quit before he makes something this big. We were all very proud.

Day 154

We took Mimi and Mel to Terminal 21 to truly experience Thai culture by walking around the mall and taking lots of iPhone pictures. 

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