03 July 2012

Project 365: 155 - 161

Day 155

We finally got to take Mimi and Mel to our favorite park. We rented bicycles and enjoyed riding around the park. Asher, of course, had to ride with Uncle Mel.

Day 156

Mimi and I decided that we needed to go get a pedicure. Two and a half hours later we stumbled out of the foot spa with some really nice looking feet. It was by far the most involved pedicure I have ever had.

Day 157

Jack's starting into that fun I-can-do-it-all-by-myself stage. This particular battle centered around a cup of ice water and did not end well for Jack. He spilled most of the water on himself and did not like how it felt.

Day 158

Asher was showing me around his classroom before school. He's very proud of himself now that he can put away his books, backpack and homework all by himself.

Day 159

Roger and I wanted to show Mimi and Mel some of the fun dining options in Bangkok. Roger had read about a new Italian restaurant, so we decided to give it a try. It was full of very high society people and even featured random opera singers popping in to entertain us. Mimi was adventurous and ended up with this as her dinner.

Day 160

I finally got around to cleaning out my closet. It felt good to just go through and pull out the stuff I really didn't need anymore. It also helps that when Mimi comes she brings all of my latest online purchases.

Day 161

The condo next to our neighborhood has a nice big pool and we were finally brave enough to check it out. Asher refused to get into the water at all and it took a good 20 minutes to get Jack this far into the water. My boys don't love the water.

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Anthony & Sharon said...

You and your Mom's feet look remarkably similar! (or is that just yours? just hers?)
Yay for Mimi's!!!