28 June 2012

What Asher's Been Doing

Besides spending the last month with his Mimi and Uncle Mel, Asher has been busy in Kindergarten 1 learning all of the things that his teacher says he needs to know. He has learned all of the English alphabet and what sounds the letters make from watching a DVD we borrowed from friends. Now I know he will be ahead in at least one part of school.

His class is currently learning the Thai alphabet, the English alphabet and numbers written in English and in Thai. And on top of that they have Chinese class once a week. The poor child is either going to be really good at languages or really confused.

There's also been some liquid pouring.

And some Play-Doh rolling.

There was a whole day about teeth cleaning.

Last week they had a ceremony to "wai" their teachers and give them flowers. A "wai" is the Thai way of greeting someone or paying respect to someone. Asher and all of the other students would wai the teacher and then the teachers would bless them. Since Asher goes to a Christian school it is a Christian blessing, but at most schools it is a very important Buddhist ceremony. Asher was so excited that he got to buy flowers for his teacher. She's young and cute and I think Asher might have a little crush on her (she's the one closest to the camera).

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