05 September 2012

Project 365: 239 - 245

Day 239

Our buddy Num came over Sunday afternoon and didn't know what he was getting into. I believe at the moment we took this picture Jack was hanging off of one arm and Asher was beating him with his plastic hammer.

Day 240

A notice went up on our street that those living illegally on the property have 45 days to move.  Houses like this are being dismantled and the working poor are being sent off to find another piece of land to live on. On one hand, it's sad and seems unfair that those that have so little have to go. On the other hand, after living in Indonesia, I'm just impressed that they got some notice and didn't just get bulldozed one random morning. These houses, by the way, don't have running water or solid walls, but almost all have electricity and cable tv.

Day 241

Jack's first time in flip-flops. He thought he was such a big kid and he loves that he can wear flip-flops just like Asher.

Day 242

Asher made a bracelet at school. I asked him about all of the pink and girly colors and he proudly said that he got to pick all the colors by himself and he wanted pretty colors. A week later and he still wears that bracelet except when he is bathing. 

Day 243

Aunt Meleah spent an evening with us. Asher held her hand while they watched Calliou and all was right in the world.

Day 244

Jack drinks the same little milk every time he goes to Asher school. It's actually called sour milk and it sounds gross, but he seems to love it. I haven't been brave enough to try it.

Day 245

We met up with some friends at the park on Saturday morning. Jack and Asher ran around until they were exhausted and had a blast.

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Anthony & Sharon said...

Yakult is awesome! It's a super sweet yogurt drink. Those toes are yummy in those flip flops!!