26 September 2012

Project 365: 246 - 252

Day 246

Sweet Baby Jack, he really embraces his role as the baby. He can be quite sensitive, especially after a nap. Also, he has a really big head.

Day 247

In case you were wondering what I see all day long:  it mostly involves little boys running at me and throwing things.

Day 248

For some reason we ended up at 7/11 and Asher ended up with an ice cream. The ice cream, of course, ended up on Asher's face.

Day 249

Little buddy was looking like a beach bum. A beach bum stuck in the city that doesn't like the way sand feels on his little toes.

Day 250

We had a cold snap in Bangkok. It rained for about 24 hours straight and got down to 77 degrees. I decided that called for Cauliflower Soup courtesy of The Pioneer Woman's recipe.

Day 251

Jack attached himself to a stuffed dog for several hours. He carried it with him everywhere, even when we went to get some rice for lunch. Then, just as quickly as he had become attached to it, he forgot all about it and went about his day.

Day 252

After living in the house for 9 months we finally have pictures hanging up downstairs. Hanging them up was not as straight-forward as it sounds. First, Roger got a nail and tried to put it in the wall. Concrete wouldn't give. On to Plan B after a brief 5 month pause. Roger got out his drill and masonry bits, didn't have one small enough. On to Plan C after a brief 2 month pause and trip to the hardware store. Roger bought some new masonry bits and we drilled four evenly spaced holes in the wall. Then we hung up picture frames, but didn't have any pictures. Then on Saturday night we had friends over for dinner and finally got it together enough to print out some pictures and make it look like we actually live here.

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Anthony & Sharon said...

Love the pics on the walls! Don't you just love houses made of concrete? :)