27 September 2012

Project 365: 253 - 259

Day 253

Our neighbors invited us to a birthday party...with a horse! I think that there are not many things funnier than seeing a horse trotting up and down the street in an urban neighborhood. Well, maybe it was funnier when one of the old ladies came and got the horse and took him to her house so he could eat her grass and save some time in her garden.

Day 254

They say that children will copy what they see modeled by their parents. Evidently we've taught Asher quite a bit about iPhone photography.

Day 255

Science! Actually, it's just salad dressing that I was making, but if Asher were older and homeschooled I would definitely call this science class.

Day 256

I have many issues with the McCracken County Clerk's Office (living overseas there is just absolutely no way I can renew a driver's license?!?), but I will hand it to them this time. We requested an absentee ballot and it was at our house in Bangkok in four days.

Day 257

Our neighbor has some creepy yard art.

Day 258

Asher got a hold of my old glasses and made himself cross-eyed trying to wear them.

Day 259

Asher wanted a chocolate birthday cake. I wanted something a bit more exciting. Guess who won?

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