01 October 2012

Project 365: 260 - 266

Day 260

We went out for a nice drive around the city (it is possible!) and then stopped by our favorite park to let the boys burn off some energy. Asher ran sprints for about 10 minutes before he ran out of steam.

Day 261

After his bath Jack gets dried off and thrown into the big bed for some play time with Daddy. After Asher joins him he gets crazy hair and then likes to lay down on Mommy and cuddle.

Day 262

It rained. It flooded. Only one of the eight outbound lanes were open during the afternoon rush hour(s). It took us a long time to get home.

Day 263

Taking this one grocery shopping just got a lot more fun. It was just the two of us, so we snagged one of these little car shopping carts. It's the first time we've seen them around here. I'm thinking America has had them for awhile? Either way, absolutely genius, but rather hard to maneuver. 

Day 264

Happy Birthday Asher Boy! We took cupcakes to school to celebrate our biggest boy turning 4. I love getting to be in his classroom. Those kids crack me up. I asked his teacher to take a picture with him and all of his friends came running up to get in the picture, too.

Day 265

Jack spends hours trying to play this little instrument and then, when he finally figures it out, he scares himself with the loud noise and starts crying. Amazing.

Day 266

Mimi sent new Halloween pajamas and Asher wanted me to take a picture so she could see how much he likes them. We asked Jack to join in, but he declined and started crying at the mere suggestion that he would like to pose for a photo. Asher tried to hug him and tell him it would be okay and I managed to snap this picture at just the right time.

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Those last two are fabulous. :)