26 October 2012

The Ghost of Halloweens Past

We are lazy about Halloween. Or maybe just lucky. It's not a big deal here outside of International schools and certain neighborhoods full of expatriates. Our boys have no expectations of dressing up and (if like the past two years) we don't get around to finding a costume, it's not a big deal.


That does mean we miss out on the extreme cuteness of babies dressed as bears and the silliness of dressing up with our friends.

Here's our first family Halloween post (click here). We dressed up as an Indonesian nanny, an Indonesian driver and an Indonesian baby. Trust me, it was really funny and not nearly as offensive as it might seem.

The next year we did actually celebrate Halloween while in Vancouver (click here). Asher went as Asher Bear and to this day I don't think I have ever seen anything sweeter.

Sorry Baby Jack, the second baby living in Bangkok doesn't really get to be a bear.

As for this year, well, umm....Mimi got them some new pajamas and that's good enough for me.

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The Crummy Chronicles said...

That is one of my favorite pictures of all time. I remember when I saw it on fb a few weeks ago. Jack's expression? His hair!? It's a perfect snapshot of what it means to be siblings and what it means to be the younger brother.