30 December 2012

Project 365: 344 - 350

Day 344

At Asiatique: all was well until Jack got his head stuck in the railing. For real. That little stinker shoved his head right between those rails and started screaming. I had a brief moment of panic and visions of the scene the foreigners were going to cause before I just grabbed his head and yanked it back out. He recovered quickly, but it took Roger and I a very long time to stop giggling about it.

Day 345

Jack has taken ownership of Asher's old bike.

Day 346

You can tell we will be having company soon because I actually got the "train room" all cleaned up and sort of organized. I think Jack managed to undo all of my work as soon as he woke up the next morning.

Day 347

Our Jesse Tree is filling up with ornaments. Asher proudly hangs them up every night.

Day 348

Asher had a doctor's appointment and while we were at the hospital we went by the NICU and got our first look at sweet Baby Owen. He's still too tiny for us to hold, but we did steal his big sister for a quick snack break.

Day 349

I made rolls for the first time. They were actually good (I had my doubts about my roll making ability) and not too difficult. Thanks to the rather warm environment in my kitchen the rising time was cut down from 2 hours to about 25 minutes.

Day 350

I filled up a container with water and set the boys loose. There's no better way to spend a hot December morning than pouring water on your brother when he's still in his pajamas.

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