01 September 2008

39 Weeks at the Buffet

There's not too much to update this week. Still no Asher and I haven't been to the doctor again. I do go back to Dr. Pujo on Thursday night, hopefully he will tell us something really exciting like, "It's time for Asher to be born!" So, check back on Thursday and see what we find out.

While we have been sitting around sweating and waiting for Asher we have had some fun. Yesterday we went to the Shangri-La Hotel for a little breakfast buffet action. It was heavenly and we managed to eat enough that we were not hungry again until dinner time.

This is what gluttony looks like. They told us the buffet was closing so we all went back and loaded up our plates with one last round of bacon, pancakes and other goodies. For some reason I also ended up with several pieces of cheese. I guess that's just what happens when you take a very pregnant woman to a buffet.

After we rolled out of the restaurant we went outside to take a few pictures.

Roger and I wanted to compare our bellies. Since I've been pregnant Roger has lost 20 pounds and I have gained 20 pounds.

I made Roger pose for a few pictures with me. Who knows, these may be the last pictures we have together before becoming a family of 3!

And of course, Roger couldn't be serious for all of the pictures. I think in this picture he is giving Asher a little pep talk...
"Get out here boy! I'm tired of waiting around to meet you!"

By the way...check out that countdown on the right side of the screen. We are in the single digits now!


Will J said...

I think Roger's trying to eat your belly......

Roslyn said...

will said what I was thinking. Didn't he get enough to eat at the buffet?

Anonymous said...

We need an update! I keep checking back here everyday...lol.

I hope you are feeling okay.

Anthony and Sharon said...

I'm going to ignore the trash-talk you left on our comments:)haha!
Love the pics. And don't hold your breath... Isaac was 5 days late...little boys love their mama's bellies!
I'm SOOOO excited for you!!! Even if he is late, he'll still be here real soon! Please take LOTS of pictures during labor and delivery. That first pic of the new mommy with a goopy baby and tears and smiles is always awesome (taken with appropriate camera angles of course;)
We can't wait!