05 January 2010


Here are some pictures from our trip to Whistler.

We took a ride in the Peak2Peak gondola, it was really high up and is evidently an engineering marvel. I thought it was pretty neat, Asher didn't really care. He just wanted to run around.

Finally Asher got his chance to run. He seemed to like the snow.

We caught Asher and made him pose for a picture in front of Inukshuk.

We checked out the great views.

And then Asher decided he had enough of the snow.


Brittney said...

WOW that picture of yall looking out over that beautiful view is soooooooooo good. Frame worthy :) And while those Asher Alligator tears are sad, it's still a precious shot.

Granny said...

Should of been whislin "Dixie"