31 January 2010

To His Fourth Country

Sixteen Months of Life. Six Months of Training. Five Homes. Four Countries. Two Continents. One Asher.

We are on our way to Bangkok, where, after 13 months of transition, we will finally settle down in a semi-permanent home. Since Asher has been born we have moved to a new country every 4 months (on average). That's a lot of moving, a lot of transitioning and a lot of packing.
Lord willing we will be in Bangkok much longer than that.
Right now we are in the midst of our trip, flying from Vancouver to Hong Kong and then on to Bangkok. Leaving from the West Coast actually makes it a much shorter trip and we only have one long (14 hours) flight. I've packed plenty of snacks, books and movies for Asher, so he should be entertained during the flight.

We will let you know when we arrive.

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