14 January 2010

Asher's First Haircut

Asher's hair was getting out of control. He had some very sweet curls in the back, but unfortunately his sweet curls were looking a lot like a mullet. We decided he needed a little bit of a haircut and we decided to do it ourselves.

The Before Shot

Roger cutting off the curl.

Cutting off the rest of Asher's curls.

The After Shot

I think Roger did a wonderful job with the scissors and I think Asher looks like a big boy without his curls.
The front of his hair is getting a little long, but we are planning on waiting until we get to Bangkok before we take him to get a real haircut.

1 comment:

Naomi Kaneshiro said...

once, i got a haircut in beijing from a girl who used to be a street kid and cut hair to make money. i had a good friend with me who kept stepping in and interrupting the girl because she kept trying to give me a mullet fro. that's right--a mullet. fro.