20 January 2010

Scary Day

Today was a scary day for Asher. He woke up this morning, had a morning cup of milk and then started swelling and getting hives and turning red. Roger and I ran him down to the closest Medical Clinic, but they didn't know what was happening. They sent us home to give him Benadryl and Pedialyte. After we got home Asher started getting sicker and we decided he needed to go to the ER.

Asher promptly threw up all over the waiting room at the ER which got us back even faster. They saw he was having an Anaphylactic reaction to something and gave him a shot of Epinephrine and some steroids, later we added in some more Benadryl for the hives.

Asher was worn out (and so were we) by the time we got out of the trauma area and into an observation area. We turned out the lights and took a little nap.

After a few hours Asher's swelling was gone, the redness was gone and the hives were gone. We got an Epi-Pen for the future and took a very tired baby back home.

Praise the Lord he is better!


Emily said...

I cannot even imagine how scary that must have been! I hope that you can figure out what caused it so it doesn't happen again. I'm so glad he's okay now!

Diana said...

what did he react to?? the milk? can that come out of nowhere? go him for puking on cue. Emergency rooms too often don't feel emergent.