11 March 2010

Asher (Second) First Hair Cut

Asher's hair had gotten a little out of control since the time we cut it. Everybody we met thought he was a girl because he had these sweet little curls hanging down his neck. We decided something had to be done and we realized that it was a little beyond our abilities to tame, so we went to the mall and got him a real hair cut.

He was a little freaked out, more by the Thai ladies gushing over him than by the hair cut itself. He sat in Daddy's lap and ate a cracker while the hair dresser tried her best to quickly cut his hair.

We think it turned out pretty cute. He looks a lot less like a baby with his hair cut short and we think he looks a lot more like Roger.

Here's a before picture to show you what we were dealing with:

And here are a few pictures from afterwards.

(Excuse the watermelon all over his face and clothes.)

If you are wondering what's going on in Bangkok click here.


Rebecca said...

He looks so grown up!!! :(

Tell him he's a BIG BOY now!!!

<3 ya'll...

Brittney said...

Wow. That haircut seriously took him from baby to little boy - I bet you had some sentimental moments with that haircut b/c your little one is for sure growin' up. Courtney he's absolutely precious!

Anonymous said...

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