21 March 2010

Stroller Pics

Here are some pictures from around the house on Saturday. Asher had just gotten up from a super long afternoon nap. (On a sidenote: Asher takes the best naps now. He never slept good during the day when he was little and he occasionally took decent naps as he got older, but when we got rid of the morning nap it made everything better. Most days he naps for almost three hours.) We spent the morning swimming with some new friends and I think jumping off the side of the pool 500 times made him a little extra tired.

Asher loves his stroller. He loves to ride in it while I practice Thai and anytime we go outside he climbs in it. I brought it in this day (because part of it melted last week when I left it out in the sun all day...it's hot here!) and he was so excited to find it in the living room.

He happened to sit down in some pretty great light and Roger got some pretty great shots of him.

This is what happens when you tell Asher to smile. I have no idea where he got this silly smile from, but we love watching him make this face.

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