23 March 2010

A New Place to Sit

We went to the Thailand International Furniture Fair recently and bought a house full of furniture. Okay, so maybe not a house full, but we did pick up a few things to start furnishing our house with. My favorite find of the day was a table and chairs for Asher. I have been looking for something like this since we got here and I found the perfect one.

Check out the chairs. There's an elephant, a bear, a cat and a green thing.

I sort of planned on putting the table upstairs in Asher's room, but it ended up downstairs because that's where Asher spends most of his time. He has figured out how to climb up in the chair by himself and he spends a lot of time each day playing cars on top of the table.

Besides playing cars and reading books at his table Asher has been watching this video a lot lately.

It's called "The Chang Song" and it's in Thai and we only understand one word: chang (elephant). The song is super catchy and we listen to it several times a day. I'm sure Asher will understand all of the words long before Roger and I.

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The Gillums said...

karis LOVES the video!!!