11 February 2009

Ice, Ice, Asher

Asher's first snow was an adventure. We had a few inches of ice followed by a few inches of snow. It would have been great sledding, but we didn't have a warm house to return to when we were done.

The first night of no power we stayed at home. Asher slept in his bear suit and swaddle blanket and got to sleep in the bed with Mommy and Mimi. The next morning we woke up and decided it was too cold to stay at home and too dangerous to leave. So we went over to the neighbors and enjoyed their generator.

Asher didn't really care where we went as long as he could sleep. We spent a whole day and night sitting at the neighbor's house keeping him warm.

The next day we decided the roads had improved, so we decided to escape the winter wasteland and go to Nashville and shop at Target. The roads were not as improved as we had hoped, there were lots of trees and power lines down, but after a few hours we made it to Nashville.

Asher enjoyed a few nights in a hotel and a few days at Target before we received word the power was back on and we headed back to Kentucky.

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