01 September 2011

8 Months

Baby Jack is 8 months old! We haven't been to the doctor recently, but I would say he's still pretty chunky and probably a little bit longer than last month.

He can't quite crawl, but he can get around. For now he's sticking to the scoot-flop, but I think crawling will be soon. He gets up on his hands and knees and rocks back and forth before throwing himself towards what he wants.

I still haven't found a food that the boy doesn't like. Tonight he had homemade banana ice cream for the first time and it was a big hit (calling it homemade is a bit misleading, click here for the recipe). Sarah and Woody brought us some of those wonderful Puffs and Jack figured out how to feed himself pretty quickly. Puffs have changed my life. I get to eat dinner without Jack crying and trying to steal my food.

Sleep has been a bit of an issue over the past few weeks. Jack has been sick several times and really hasn't been sleeping well. The other night Roger and I finally gave up and moved downstairs and let Jack cry himself to sleep. Since then we have slept downstairs on the couch and Jack has slept all night long in our bedroom. I guess he was waking up during the night and seeing us and crying. Either way, I am very thankful for a comfortable couch and we are praying even harder that we can find a place with three bedrooms.

Four of Jack's top teeth are coming in. It looks like the right side will be through any day. This has definitely made him fussy (or at least we are blaming the fussiness on teething).

Enjoy a video of Baby Jack trying to crawl!

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Anthony & Sharon said...

Too cute! Both of my boys' sleep was interrupted GREATLY by teething. When they were older and were getting their first molars it was the only thing they ever woke up for once they started sleeping through the night. A little oragel and some panadol at bedtime seemed to help.
Also...can't believe he's 8 months old already!!! What a cutie!!!