20 September 2011

The Boy is 3

I can't believe that this boy is 3!

Happy Birthday Asher Boy!

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Brittney said...

Happy Birthday Asher!!! And to you too Courtney, congrats! I think b-days for our kids are also like a celebration of being a momma. Does the 3rd b-day leave you teary-eyed? For some reason I think I'm gonna cry my way (in a good way) through the 3rd birthday. . .they are more grown up and not babies or even toddlers anymore :) They're like little adults!

Totally random, Anna really likes the Little Tuk Tuk book yall gave her and Daniel - didn't know if I ever told you that. The baby elephant is a hit too and my earrings are LOVELY! I am sorry for not telling you thank you sooner. That was crazy thoughtful. Hugs!