30 April 2012

Project 365: 113-119

Day 113

Jack's new haircut has already been discussed, but just to really drive the point home, here he is again. So cute.

Day 114

Roger quasi-adopted our neighbors cat and Asher quickly declared that he loved the cat. And then he named him Puma. The purpose of this half-adoption is to buy a little extra insurance against rodents invading our house while not actually having to worry about what will happen to the cat when we inevitably move again.

Day 115

Jack and I met up with some friends for an indoor (air-conditioned!) play date. Jack was back in the baby carrier for the first time in several weeks and I think he might have missed riding in style. I also think that Jack has finally gained a little bit of weight.

Day 116

We had work meetings all afternoon, so Asher and Jack got to spend a few hours playing with Emma. They had a great time chasing each other around, but Asher did give Emma a very stern talking to when she wouldn't hold his hand to walk across the parking lot.

Day 117

I still find it very funny to see this one just standing up. He will literally just stand in the middle of the room and giggle because he's so happy to be upright. Then he usually falls over.

Day 118

Due to the heat playgroup was moved indoors for the day and Jack finally overcame his fear of the ball pit. It was a big day for him.

Day 119

I went a little crazy at the grocery store and bought some peaches. I don't think either of the boys had heard of them, but they both loved them. I told Asher they were a special fruit that the kids in America liked to eat. He didn't seem to care or know what America was.

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