01 November 2009

Halloween in Canada

This year we didn't make any Halloween plans until the last minute, so I hadn't thought much about a costume for Asher. In the end this really worked out for me because I got his costume for 50% off and his candy bucket for 70% off. Procrastination pays.

We really didn't do much, we just dressed up Asher, took a lot of pictures and then went over to the mall to Trick or Treat with some friends. Roger and I enjoyed getting candy and showing off Asher and Asher seemed to enjoy chewing on a sucker (while the wrapper was still on) and seeing all of the people at the mall.

As usual we took about a billion pictures, so we have had to narrow it down to the best.

At the end of the night Asher bear returned to Asher baby, he brushed his teeth and went to bed.

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