14 November 2012

Project 365: 267 - 273

Day 267

Mimi sent Asher some new clothes for his birthday and he wanted to pose for a picture before church.

Day 268

Roger had to go to Malaysia for a week, so we had a lot of picnics at dinner time.

Day 269

This was the flood that was the cause of an epic 2.5 hour drive home from Asher's school that included: flooding (obviously), traffic (always), a failed attempt at circumnavigating both traffic and flood, Jack throwing up in his car seat (while lost and stuck in traffic), seeing the central Bangkok prison (while Jack was puking), lots of Asher telling mommy to stop crying and that it would be okay, missing the road to our house and one final u-turn that got us home just in time to dry all of our tears, eat dinner and go to bed. And clean throw up out of a car seat.

Things like this only happen when Roger is out of the country.

Day 270

We made it home quite safely from school and our little poser wanted some pictures taken in front of the house.

Day 271

Jack was worn out and literally sick of being stuck in the car. Daddy come home!

Day 272

Asher's last day of school was a party day. He got to wear whatever he wanted (the helicopter, of course) and he spent the morning at school playing games and eating junk food.

Day 273

We survived the week (barely) and got everyone to bed early so we could get to the airport the next morning to meet Roger's plane.

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