25 February 2009

Five Months

Asher is now five months old. Wow.

We went to the doctor last week for shots and a check up and Asher weighed 15 lbs 15 oz and was 26.5 inches long. He got his first round of American shots and then spent the rest of the day sitting in my lap being sleepy and grumpy. I'm not sure what they put in those American vaccines, but it definitely does not make my baby happy. In Indonesia the shots never bothered him.

Yesterday there was an old tractor sitting in our yard. So we dressed Asher like a farmer and decided it was the perfect time to take some 5 Month pictures. There were two different photo sessions and I have two favorite photos.

Asher has mastered rolling over and keeps trying to pull his knees under him and crawl. We are working on sitting up, but he hasn't really figured that out yet. He still loves the exersaucer and knows how to spin around in it and last night he started pushing different buttons to make noise. In fact, he likes it so much it makes him a little silly.

Asher is still on the all milk diet, but I guess when he hits that 6 month mark we might start on the cereal. He already has a special bowl, spoons and bibs, I'm just waiting on him to act like milk is not enough.

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