12 February 2009

New Things and Play Things

On Sunday Asher went to the nursery at church for the first time. I think it was much more traumatic for me and Roger than for him. He sat around and looked at the other babies, drank some milk and took a nap. I think he liked it and I think he will go back.

Asher has also gotten his first two teeth. The first one popped in last Thursday and the second one followed on Monday.

This is the best picture I could get. They are both small, but super cute and super sharp. He still hasn't learned to bite down and (for my sake when I'm feeding him) I'm not in a hurry for him to learn.

Besides growing teeth Asher has spent most of his time playing.

He plays with his doggy in his bumbo seat while we eat.

He jumps up and down in the doorway while we get stuff done around the house.

And thanks to cousin Kelly and Sara Kate he spins around in circles and plays until he is exhausted in this exersaucer.

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The Crumbacher's said...

Don't forget to start brushing his teeth! You would think that the bristles would feel bad to sore teething gums but most babies actually like the sensation. Toothpaste isn't necessary at this point but if you want to use a fluoride free kind that's fine and safe (that's what we use with Nathan, he LOVES brushing his teeth, we started at about 6 months which is when he got the first one, he has 8 now!) But the sooner you start the easier it is when they're older. Believe it or not, as soon as the teeth erupt they can actually get cavities (I've seen cavities on children younger than one, it can break your heart) So Brush brush brush!!!

Don't want to impose but being a dental hygienist makes me want to make sure that parents begin good oral hygiene habits with their children at a young age. Hope you have a good weekend!