27 February 2009


Asher goes lots of places. Asher sleeps lots of places. Asher needs a good bed to go places with him.

The Phil & Teds Traveller. It weighs 5.5 lbs and its superhero strong. It's from New Zealand. It's definitely cool.

Here's the story of the Traveller and its assembly in our living room.

The box arrived and Asher and Dad went to work.

After a few minutes of ignoring the directions and trying to shove poles together Dad took a sanity break and left Asher to do the work all by himself.

Asher wasn't having much luck doing anything besides rolling over and getting stuck, so Mom did the unthinkable.
She got the instruction book. The first page gave it all away.

Can you read that middle line? Just in case you can't, it says, "female guidance required."
Phil & Ted are some smart boys.
So, Mom starts reading and assembling. Dad even joined in again. Asher was still rolling over and getting stuck.

It really wasn't that hard. Especially after reading the directions.
Soon after this we had the finished product.

Super cool travel bed. Super cute baby.

The end.

Check out the Traveller at www.philandteds.com


Anthony and Sharon said...

This is the best "baby thing" we've ever bought because 1) we can fit the thing in our suitcase AND still have room for clothes 2) Isaac loves sleeping in it and 3) it's from flippin' New Zealand! We've used it too many times to count.

We loved it so much that we just bought the Phil & Ted's Dash double stroller.

We're so stoked.

Paige said...

I found you through MckMama, and i wanted to let you know that until my daughter was 6 months old, she took 3-30 minute naps a day. Slept throught the night since 11 weeks, but wouldn't take a nap. One day, she woke up from her morning nap at 30 minutes, and I was on the phone with the ins company, so I let her stay in bed, and fuss/talk/cry for a few minutes. After about 7 minutes, she stopped and slept for another hour. That afternoon, she did the same thing, so I thought...what the heck, and let her stay in bed and cry/fuss/talk. Again about about 7-10 minutes, she was asleep for 1 1/2 hours.

That happened for about 3 more days, and then it stopped. Every morning, 1+ hour, every afternoon 2+ hours RELIGIOUSLY!!

If you haven't tried letting your child cry it out (which I am normally not a fan of AT ALL), you might try. Worked for us.