05 February 2009

Four Months

Asher is now four months old and is getting his first tooth. It started a few days ago and now the first tooth has broken through his gums in a fit of screaming and tears.

The photography session really did start out well.

But right after this picture he fell forward onto his face and I may have accidentally knocked him in the head with my knee trying to catch him...and it all went downhill from there.

I really feel like we captured his pain. Poor baby! Hopefully he will start to feel better soon. We have been trying to give him cold teething toys to chew on, but he doesn't know how to chew yet so he just sucks on the toys and get his tongue cold.

Besides teething this has been a pretty uneventful month. Asher has started to giggle and interact with us more. He loves to sit up in his Bumbo chair or stand up in his walker. He's finished with all of that laying around like a baby nonsense.

We haven't been back to the doctor, so I don't have an update on his size, but I think he's getting bigger everyday. We still haven't started solids and I really don't plan to until around 6 months, but we will see how Asher does on his milk only diet.

Asher does have a favorite toy, his puppy.

This is the first toy that Asher has really shown an interest in. He mainly enjoys picking up the puppy and then throwing him on the ground, he also loves to get a puppy dog ear in his mouth so he can suck on it. The other day he even fell asleep holding his puppy.

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