09 August 2009

Asher in Virginia - Week 2

Our second week of orientation (and daycare) is behind us. Usually we keep looking forward to what's to come, but here's to looking back at a week of Asher in photos.

Monday afternoon Daddy had an extra meeting and Asher was playing on our bed waiting for him to get home. Roger knocked on the window and as soon as Asher saw him he broke out in a big grin and started doing his scoot/worm/crawl towards him.

Tuesday night Asher was worn out from a busy day at school, he went to bed early and I had to sneak into his room to get a picture.

Wednesday morning before school Asher and Daddy enjoyed some play time and book reading.

Thursday afternoon after school Asher found his toothbrush and spent the better part of an hour chasing it around the bed chewing on it. He loves to brush his teeth!

Friday evening after the week was finished we spent time in our quad with all of our quad-mates watching Asher crawl. During school Friday Asher mastered the real crawl and is starting to pick up speed and figure out how to go get what he wants.

Saturday afternoon we went to a local park to take pictures and play outside. It's a good thing Asher wore shoes because all he wanted to do is walk around holding our hands. His cute fake baby Crocs finally fit well enough that they will stay on his feet.


Brittney said...

What a great post!! Thanks for the week 2 update. That last picture of Asher walking with his little Crocs on is so cute :) Love seeing pictures of that precious one.

Bethany said...

ILC...a place for learning...It looks like you all are having fun. Thanks for the new pictures of the cutest baby in the world!!