11 August 2009

Fun in the Tub

Asher is crawling all over the place these days (video coming soon) and by the end of the day he is usually pretty dirty. One of our favorite things to do before bed is to let him play in the tub. I love it because he comes out smelling sweet and he loves it because he can splash around and play with his tub toys.


Emily said...

Look at all those teeth! Gracie is growing her first right now. She also has recently discovered how to splash in the tub. I bet things are a lot different now that Asher's movin'!

Brittney said...

WOW!! Look that all those teeth :)Have the other teeth been less painful for him? He looks like he's having a good ol' time in the tub. Thats awesome! Bet it's a good nighttime routine thing too - oh fresh clean babies smell so good! Snuggling after a bath is the best :)

roger and courtney said...

Things are still pretty calm even though Asher is on the move, probably because we share a living room with 8 other adults and a 4 year old. There is always somebody around to keep him out of stuff.

I think all of his teeth have been pretty painful, esp the big top front ones. I think he has a molar coming in now, I'll let you know how that goes.