03 August 2009

The Worm

Asher's crawling has progressed from The Scoot to The Worm.
Enjoy the video.


Brittney said...

So this is the new video that I'll be watching as much as the walker video where he's following you and trying to give kisses. I cracked up with this video too. I wish I could just hug that little kid. He's great. He is so much like Anna to me. The bababa's and the little whine that really doesn't mean anything but they can't figure out what to do with themselves. I laughed so much when he strummed his lips and made funny sounds. Ah. Courtney, your kid is too much.

Brittney said...

Need a smile today? Watch this video!

Bethany said...

Look at Asher!!! Basically a break-dancer already doing "the worm"...precious. A few more weeks and he's THERE!