01 August 2009

Asher in Virginia - Week 1

Asher's first week in Virginia is coming to a close. I have made it my goal to take a picture of him each day during the eight weeks that we will be here.
Here is Asher's week in pictures.

We left Paducah on Sunday and drove to Richmond, Virginia. We stopped in West Virginia for Asher to stretch his legs. The motto of West Virginia is "Wild and Wonderful" and we think Asher is pretty wild and wonderful, too!

Monday we moved in to our new apartment, we have our own bedrooms, kitchen and bathroom and we share a common area with 3 families and 2 single guys. Asher settled right into his new home and enjoyed his lunch.

Tuesday we had lots of free time to get unpacked. We spent most of the day running errands and playing. Roger and Asher had lots of fun wrestling on the bed.

Wednesday was Asher's first day of daycare. I think the picture captures the experience quite well. He cried a lot when we dropped him off and he cried a lot when we picked him up. His teacher says he is improving and I think in another week he might even enjoy himself.

Thursday. Another day, another meal. Asher was enjoying an avocado for dinner after another busy day on Thursday. His teacher reported that he was "spoiled" but that he is improving and starting to have more fun.

Friday night we went for a walk and then went to the playground to swing. There are several playgrounds on campus, including one right outside of our apartment. We almost always spend time swinging right before Asher goes to bed. There are also swings at Asher's daycare. Asher didn't cry Friday when I dropped him off at daycare because he got to go straight outside to the swings.

Saturday was a day of rest for Asher, he took a great morning nap and a great afternoon nap. We tried to keep things as normal as possible for him, so we brought his bumper pad with us. His bed is smaller and in his own room (for the first time ever!), but he still sleeps well and he still looks very sweet while he sleeps.

Daycare has been good for Asher so far, he has come back to us each day full of new things. His crawling has gotten better and he has picked up some cute new tricks. I have new videos of Asher performing and I am trying to upload them. The internet here is slooooow, so check back later to see them.

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