06 August 2009

First Words

It is only fitting that Asher's first words would be bye-bye. After all this is the baby that is in his third home in the first 10 months of his life and the baby that will have lived in 4 countries by the time he reaches 18 months old.

Asher came home from daycare the other day, sat down on the bed next to me, raised his chubby little fist and waved to me while saying in his tiny little voice, "bye bye." We spent the next ten minutes waving at each other and saying bye-bye over and over again. Roger came home and got out the camera to document this momentous occasion and of course Asher stopped talking. We managed to capture the wave and if you listen very closely you can hear that sweet, tiny voice speak those sweet, tiny words.

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Shirley said...

He is so cute!