28 November 2009

Asher says Hello and Gets a New Hat

Asher has recently picked up a new word and he sounds so cute when he says it. Here is a video of his sweet little voice saying, "Hello!"

I was downtown shopping recently and found a new hat for Asher. He had been refusing to wear hats since last spring, but I was determined to get him to wear one when it was really cold outside. The first few days he would only tolerate the hat for a few minutes at a time. Then one day morning he brought it over to me and let me put it on his head. We immediately took him outside to take pictures of him and his froggy hat.

Asher and his froggy hat.
Serious Asher.
Asher, cheesin' for the camera.
The curl is still there, poking out from under his hat.

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