07 November 2009

Science World

We took Asher to Science World in Vancouver recently. He was too little to really do much, but we had a good time playing and he really liked touching everything. Our favorite part was the toddler play area, Asher got to run around and explore all of the toys.

He really liked watching the light follow his hand, I was hoping it would be one of those things that makes your hair stand straight up.

Our little Piano Man played us a song, actually he just ran back and forth making a lot of noise.

Asher had fun with Daddy building towers with the giant Legos and then knocking them down.

The worst part of the day was when Asher discovered these stairs. Up until that point he had enjoyed playing with the Legos and walking around, after he saw the stairs we spent a lot of time climbing up and jumping down.

At the end of our trip we went into the play area for babies, it was pretty much just a padded cage. We let Asher run wild and he had a lot of fun falling down and trying to crawl over things.

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