14 November 2009

Boys Day In - a rare posting by daddy

It's a closely guarded secret what us men do when we've got the castle to ourselves. But on this rare occasion, we've decided to draw the curtain back a bit and reveal what happens when Mommy leaves us home alone...but just a little bit, we're not about to let the world know all of the happenings of the Secret Society of Hampton Men's Club (that would be most atrocious).

I managed to rig the camera to take pictures at random times throughout the day to give you a glimpse of what happens when we're holding down the fort. Warning: you may want to stop reading this post, you may become extremely jealous that you are not a Hampton man and are not privy to this secret society.

The day started on a skytrain ride to downtown Vancouver. The whole family was together, and unbeknownst to Mommy -- Asher and Daddy jumped off the train, went back to the apartment, and had a fun filled day of being men!

Setting the camera up in a good spot

Sometimes men just gotta hug

All this playing around requires a drink of water

Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do you see?

Boys like to wrastle

So that's what he does when no one is looking.

Nap Time!

It has been a long day, but a fun day. There are lots of other pictures that were taken to chronicle the day; far too many to post on here. Not that we'd even agree to post all the pictures (as stated before, Privacy is something that is highly valued in the Secret Society of Hampton Men's Club). We hope that Momma had a fun day downtown while us boys were at the club having a great time of our own.


Anonymous said...

enjoyed reading your blog and seeing all your pictures! Sounds like you are having a good time there. asher is getting so big and cute as ever of course! Can't believe he is big enough to grab his own muffin---smart boy!!
Miss you and think of you often.

Brittney said...

Great post Roger! One thing I love is in the first few pictures Asher has one sock on and one sock off - that makes me smile. He is a precious little guy :) I anticipate more sneak peeks into the secret club!