14 September 2010

Asher at The Little Gym

Every week Asher and I spend a morning at The Little Gym. It's a mommy and me gym class that we take with his friend Prim. Of course Prim (and most of the other kiddos) come with their nannies, but Asher gets to hang out with his mom.

Here's some highlights from this week's class.

Asher's favorite thing about The Little Gym...Bubble Time!

My self-absorbed almost two year old loves that there is a whole wall of mirrors so that he can watch himself.

Asher's second favorite thing about The Little Gym...Balls! Sometimes they want the kids to kick the balls instead of throw them. You know, like soccer. Although Asher hates cheese he is American enough to know that balls are for throwing. Leave the kicking to the other kids.

Check out Asher on the high bar, his current favorite piece of gym equipment. He has recently learned to climb onto a high mat and then sort of jump/fall and grab the bar. He swings until he can't hold it any longer and then loves falling onto the mat.

Asher rockin' the balance beam.

And now for the grandmother's...another Asher video.


Anthony & Sharon said...

He reminds me so much of Isaac at that age! What a cutie! We couldn't afford the "Gymboree" classes in KL, so I went to both branches and used the "Try the class for free" pass twice! It was fun! Yay for the high-bar!

roger and courtney said...

Yeah, we may have gone to a few free classes before we actually joined...