27 September 2010

Exploring with Asher

Last Saturday morning our friends Num and Apple showed up at our house and announced that we were going out for the day. They have a car and this, of course, made Asher very excited about the trip. We didn't really know where we were going or how long we would be gone, so we grabbed our stuff and jumped into their car.

After driving for a long time and realizing we were still in Bangkok we ended up at a giant Chinese temple. We all took off our shoes and went exploring.

Asher found Lion Statues everywhere. There are a few near our house and he gets so excited when we drive by them. He was beyond thrilled to get to see so many of them in person.

Asher smiling in front of a garden.

Asher had fun playing with Num and Apple all day.

After exploring the temple for a while we loaded back up and went to a Vietnamese restaurant for lunch. We have now added Vietnamese food to the ever growing list of things that Asher loves to eat.

Roger and I sort of thought we were heading home at this point. After all it was nap time and we pretty much plan our entire lives around Asher being at home around 1 pm each day. We were far from done.

Our next stop was Ko Kret, an island full of pottery villages just outside of the city. We got to ride a boat, which Asher loved, and there was lots of food to eat, which Asher also loved. We didn't take many pictures, but just picture a 2 year old boy eating lots of strange things. Roger and I were just happy to watch Num and Apple tote Asher around and feed him strange Thai snacks.

Asher just kept on going, even without a nap, and never once got tired of exploring the island and talking about the boats.

After all that we headed back home and put a very sleepy Asher to bed early.


Anthony & Sharon said...

I love the big grin at the temple. TOO FUN! Yay for local friends who aren't afraid to spend a whole day with you. We all need them!

Brittney said...

So much fun! Your Asher (and baby boy #2) will be so thankful for the rich experiences the Lord is allowing for him at this stage in his life :) Also I am encouraged to hear I'm not the only one that revolves around being home by 1 o'clock!! But on the days that we aren't Anna is a trooper too and just goes down early - which is a treat for me and Jeff :)