22 September 2010

Celebrating Asher's Birthday

We had so much fun celebrating Asher's birthday this year. We decided to go ahead and just celebrate the day before since it was a Sunday, so we started off the day with a little party with his church friends.

We took some Dunkin' Donuts and let Asher share them with all of his friends. He had so much fun going around to everybody and giving them a doughnut hole. They all sang Happy Birthday to him (just a random fact: there is no Thai birthday song, they just sing in English) and he clapped really big when they finished.

Since we had a few doughnut holes left over we found one of our friends (who just happens to be named Friend) and shared some doughnuts with her family. Asher was pretty much over the whole birthday thing by this point, he just wanted to go home and take a nap.

Sunday night we invited several of Asher's Aunts and Uncles over for pizza and cupcakes. He had fun playing and running around with a house full of people.

Asher loved eating his pizza off of his Lightning McQueen plate.

We lit some candles (somebody, Roger, accidentally bought trick candles) and Asher tried for a long time to blow them out. He actually managed to blow them out 2 or 3 times. Finally we had to put them in a bowl of water.

Then it was time for the cupcakes.

Asher was really not into getting his hands dirty, so he just stuck his face right into the icing. I don't think he ever made it past the icing.

Asher got some pretty great presents from everyone, but his favorite was the little tricycle that Roger and I got him. I guess I should have not rolled that out first. He pretty much just sat on it and refused to move. I opened his presents and he just sat on the bike looking confused.

It was even more fun to celebrate Asher's birthday this year since he sort of had an idea that something big was going on. I still don't think he quite got it, but he still loved all of the singing, the cupcakes and the presents.


Anthony & Sharon said...

How did you make the cupcakes? Or did you? Very cute! Happy Birthday Asher!

roger and courtney said...

I did not. Ha ha ha! I did try to make some but my little oven just can't make them quite as well as the cupcake lady. The cupcake lady is a Thai lady that grew up in Southern California, moved to BKK and realized she couldn't buy good cupcakes here. So she makes them! They are so delicious! When you all make your way to BKK I will make sure to get you some.