11 September 2010

My Baby Wish List - Update

Yesterday morning I woke up to a wonderful email from the VERY generous folks at Cotton Babies:

Dear Roger & Courtney,
Your family has been approved to receive a Diaper Grant from Cotton Babies.
Your package will include:

* 15 bumGenius One-Size diapers (3 white, 4 butternut, 4 twilight, 4 grasshopper)
* 2 packages of Cotton Babies flannel wipes
* 2 extra one-size inserts
* 1 XL Bummis Tote (purple)
* 1 S Bummis Tote (red)
* 1 bottle bum Genius! Bottom Cleaner

Praise the Lord! I was blown away by this company's generosity. When I applied for the grant I was thinking I would just get a few diapers, but instead they are setting us up so that we can easily cloth diaper this new baby boy.

I also got an awesome deal on a travel swing on Ebay. It is currently sitting at Mimi's house waiting to be packed up and brought to us when she comes to visit this new little guy.

And to top it all off Mimi went by one of our favorite consignment shops to find that all of the summer clothes were $1 each. She loaded up on newborn and 3-6 month clothes. Asher and I spent a long time on skype last week checking out her purchases. The newborn clothes are actually already here in Bangkok (they came in a box with Asher's birthday presents) and the rest of the clothes will come with Mimi in January.

I am getting so excited about this new little guy joining our family and watching the Lord provide for our family.

And of course I am always excited about spending my days with this big guy!

He will be two next week. I can't believe it!

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Anthony & Sharon said...

Yay! bumgenius is the best. We have a few of other brands but we love those the most. What is a "bummis"? Do I need one? I don't even know but it sounds fun! And yay about clothes and the swing! Hope the rest of the wish list goes this way!