30 September 2010

27 Weeks

The strangest thing that happened to me yesterday:

I was at school and another student walked up to me and asked me a question. Given that my first language is English and her's is Korean our conversations tend to take place in Thai. Meaning that yes, we have talked before.

So, she asked me something that to me sounded like, "blah blah blah blah blah married blah blah kha?" I didn't quite follow what she was asking, so she asked again. I still didn't get it, so I did what any seasoned language learner would do. I said, "ok." She looked stunned. I figured that I must have done something wrong. Then she asked me one more time. This time I understood.

Her question...
"Are you planning on marrying the father of the baby before the baby is born?"

My answer...
"Ummm, I am married. To the father. For five years. I have a two year old. Thankyouverymuch."

(I told Roger this story later and he asked if she looked super embarrassed at this point. I said that she didn't look nearly as embarrassed as she should have.)

Anyway, back to the conversation. Several of our teachers are now watching this. They all know me and Roger and Asher. And they are all trying not to laugh. The lady continues with her comments on me and my pregnancy and lets me know that she was only asking because I looked too young to be married and she was concerned about the baby. So she just assumed I was an unwed teenage soon-to-be mother studying Thai full time at a language school for missionaries. Because, really that happens a lot around here.

And with that I give you the belly at 27 weeks.

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Anthony & Sharon said...

A Korean? Is she a missionary? That's a crazy story. Cute belly! You're looking great for 27 weeks!