18 December 2010

39 Weeks

Only a week before Christmas and still no Baby Jack. I go back to the doctor on Monday and we'll see if anything has changed (I'm guessing it hasn't). At this point I am predicting a post-Christmas, pre-New Year's baby.

Let's try to guess when Baby Jack will be here. And for some background: Asher was 11 days late and weighed 3.4 kilograms (7 lbs 8 oz.)

I say December 30, 8 lbs 2 oz.
Roger says December 28, 3.54 kilograms.

Leave a comment, facebook message or email me with your guess. Of if your name is Granny or Mimi you may call on skype and tell me what you think.

Here's a picture from 39 weeks.

We are ready for Baby Jack to get here. I did my language evaluation this week, Roger and I will both finish our Thai class at the beginning of next week and most importantly Baby Jack's stocking arrived yesterday.

Our family of four is almost complete (except for the fourth family member...)


Anthony & Sharon said...

December 25. 7lbs 4oz, 19inches long.


Emily said...

Dec 29th, 8 lbs even