06 December 2010

Christmas Begins

After Thanksgiving was over (and we had eaten all of the turkey noodle soup), we got out our box of Christmas stuff.

Asher was sort of confused about the whole stocking thing. He thought it was dog, not a reindeer.

He found this Christmas beanie baby (we can't figure out where it came from) and it has been his constant companion the past few days.

Roger tried to explain that this stocking said "Roger" but Asher couldn't figure out who "Roger" was.

This boy loves his Daddy. And he really loves to sit on the stairs with his Daddy.

He also really loves to hold that bear. All. The. Time. He only found it four days ago and it has already gotten covered in yogurt, milk, oatmeal and lots of ice water.

The might be the best (or only) picture we have of these two.

1 comment:

Mark and Beth said...

sweet pictures! too funny that asher didn't know who roger was. that's a hard one to explain:) the other day i called for mark and then jake called out after me, "mark." he thought he was silly for saying mark instead of daddy! it made us laugh.
p.s. is there anything you still need for jack?