01 December 2010

37 Weeks

In theory Jack is ready to come out. But don't worry, I think he is following right along in the footsteps of Big Brother Asher. The doctor says he's not coming anytime soon, so I have resigned myself to once again be pregnant for close to 42 weeks while everybody else around me has their babies early.

There is an upside. It's looking like Roger and I will both finish another Thai class and hopefully do our language evaluations before Jack gets here. Also, I forgot to pack all of those cute "Baby's 1st Christmas" outfits when we moved, so I won't feel guilty about him missing out on that experience.

The belly at 37 weeks.

I hope I look like I'm relaxed and wearing make-up because it was massage and make-up day at MOPS. I got a free back massage and a bit of a makeover. And we had breakfast casserole. It was an all-around good day in MOPS land.

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Mark and Beth said...

you look fantastic as usual! keep up the good spirits. we can't wait to meet jack:)